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    Taekwondo is the national sport of South Korea, characterised by its focus on kicks. The sport reportedly originated from one of the traditional Korean martial arts. The sport is open to competition by athletes with impairment of their upper limbs. Wearing headgear, a body protector, and other protective equipment, athletes execute kicks, such as axe and back spin kicks, during a match.

    playingview(Asian Para Taekwondo Championships)

    Asian Para Taekwondo Championships

    The winner is the competitor with the most points, calculated by subtracting penalty points from the points obtained. Athletes can also win by knocking out the opponent as in boxing. In taekwondo, a kick to the opponent's trunk is worth one point. When the kick uses a spinning technique, a 180-degree spinning kick is worth three points and a 360-degree is worth four points. The present-day rules prohibit kicks to the head. Punches are worth no points.


    Taekwondo will become an official sport for the first time at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.


    Sports Event

    K44 under 61kg (+K43)
    K44 under 75kg (+K43)
    K44 over 75kg (+K43)
    K44 under 49kg (+K43)
    K44 under 58kg (+K43)
    K44 over 58kg (+K43)
    Eligible impairment
    • Limb deficiency (upper limb impairment)

    (Updated on April 10, 2019)