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This website collects information about our users, in order to provide them with an effective service (the provision of information, reception of comments and opinions, etc.). We conform to the Regulations on the Protection of Private Information in the city of Tokyo (Tokyo Municipal Ordinance No.113, December 21, 1990) (hereinafter called “the Ordinance”) concerning the collection, usage and management of users’ private information, in order to build a safe and welcoming homepage for its users.


In principle, links to this website may be posted freely, regardless of profit-making or non-profit purposes. However, users should refrain from creating a link if it is likely to result in the following:

  1. The linked page includes information that abuses or slanders or intends to tarnish the reputation of the city of Tokyo or other company, person or organization.
  2. The linked page includes the infringement of or could infringe a copyright, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights, property, privacy, portrait rights or other rights of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, or other company, person or organization.
  3. The contents of this website are shown in the frame of the linked page without specifying that the contents are accredited to the city of Tokyo , so that visitors can be lead to a misunderstanding.
  4. The linked page breaks any law and ordinance including an act or a regulation, or public order and decency, or can disturb the operation of our website.
  5. The link is created using any logos or marks owned by Tokyo Metropolitan Government without permission.
  6. The link is created in the form which causes the users’ misunderstanding of the source of information.

Please note that the URL of this website may change without prior notice. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government bears no responsibility for any compensation or complaint concerning this website.

Technical information

[1] Recommended PC Environment

For a safe and effective use of this site, we recommend the following Web browsers:

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later.
  2. Google Chrome latest version.
  3. Mozilla Firefox latest version.
  4. Safari latest version.

[2] Technologies

  1. Plug-in
    Adobe Flash Player (Flash Player 9.0.115 or later) is required to view part of this website. To read and/or print PDF files, Adobe Reader (Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later) is
  2. Cookie
    This website uses cookies to provide smooth and convenient viewing to users, and to collect information needed to continuously improve this website. Cookies are pieces of information sent from the operating server of this website to users’ browsers. The information is then recorded in their computers. The record does not contain users’ names, addresses, telephone numbers or any other information which could identify individuals. Cookies do not have any direct adverse effect on users’ computers. We sometimes use the cookies of third-party providers, to which we consign business activities, in order to understand the traffic of pages of this site. Users can set their browsers to reject cookies, if they choose. If they decide to reject cookies, they can still see this website. For information on how to reject cookies, users should read the help of your browser or contact their browser company.
  3. JavaScript
    JavaScript is used for some contents of this website. Please note that if JavaScript is not activated on a browser, some contents are unlikely to appear or operate properly.
  4. PDF
    To open a PDF file, users need Adobe Reader of Adobe Systems Incorporated. If Adobe Reader is not installed in a computer, or a page of this website is not displayed properly, download the latest version of Adobe Reader.
  5. FLASH
    To view contents using Flash, the Adobe Flash Player of Adobe Systems Incorporated is required. If Adobe Flash Player is not installed in a computer, or any content of this website is not displayed properly, users should download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.
  6. Twitter
    For detailed information on terms of use, see the Twitter website.

[3] Information System Security

In order to continue to provide service through this website and protect information assets, we play a role as a governmental organization.

  1. To maintain the safety and accuracy of information, we strive to prevent unauthorized computer access and destruction, alteration, loss and leakage of information, by taking appropriate safety measures.
  2. When handling information assets, we conform to the Tokyo Municipal Fundamental Policy for Information Security, laws and ordinances, and other norms.
  3. When we outsource the handling of information, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government supervises and manages the handling process.
  4. We create a system to continuously improve the service of this website, aiming at the maintenance and improvement of its security.