Bureau Overview


General Affairs Division Finance & budget, organization & budgeted employees, personnel affairs, public relations & public hearing of the Bureau, and progress management of the Tokyo 2020 Games preparation.
Planning and Promotion Division Planning and preparation of the Tokyo 2020 Games.
Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Division Paralympic Games and Parasports.
Tokyo 2020 Games Venues Division Competition venues and sports facilities development for the Tokyo 2020 Games.
Sports Promotion Division Popularization & promotion of sports and recreation, management of sports facilities, preparation for Rugby World Cup 2019™, measures to improve athletes’ competence, and Marathon Festa.

Budgeted employees

314 Budgeted employees of the Bureau FY 2018


(in millions of yen)

ClassificationBudget for FY 2018Budget for FY 2017
Expenditure 139,430 64,668
Revenue 108,313 36,732
General-account primary balance 31,117 27,936