[Competition venue: Kokugikan Arena]

  • Boxing

    One to one fight in a ring.
    Men: three minutes × three rounds
    Women: three minutes × three rounds
    Single-elimination tournament

    Boxers wear specially-padded boxing gloves for the protection of both boxers, and may only throw punches to attack any part of the front and sides of their opponent's upper body.

    Key Points

    Whereas kicking, elbow striking, headbutting or joint locking is allowed in some martial arts, boxing permits only closed hand punching, and the target area is limited only to the upper body. Spectators can enjoy watching boxing by paying attention to how the boxers catch the opponent off guard and knock the opponent out.


    Boxing can trace its history back to ancient Greece. At the time, boxers were naked, and covered their bodies with olive oil. Their knuckles were covered with glove-like materials, wrapping spikes with leather bands, and they fought with their arms and elbows.
    Modern boxing was established at the end of the 19th century in Britain. It gained in popularity in the American continent, and spread to Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.
    At the Saint Louis 1904 Olympic Games, boxing was introduced as an Olympic sport. The sport had only been open to men until the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, but women's boxing was added at the London 2012 Games.


    (IOC Announcement, June9, 2017)


    8 weight categories TBC

    Fly (51kg)
    Feather (57kg)
    Light (60kg)
    Welter (69kg)
    Middle (75kg)