[Competition venue: Kasumigaseki Country Club]

  • Golf

    The aim is to complete 18 holes in as few strokes as possible. The course has a par score of 72.
    Golf is a mental game, battling winds and nature, the course, and oneself.

    It is a 72-hole stroke play event played over four days. In case of a tie for the first place after the four days, a three-hole (scheduled) playoff will determine the order of the medal winners.

    Key Points

    On the golf course, golfers face different conditions from hole to hole, and struggle with hazards such as bunkers and ponds. Since golfers hit shots relying on their own experience, physical condition and skills, their scores are susceptible to mental uncertainty. Spectators should not miss players' techniques when using different clubs such as wood, iron and putter depending on course conditions.
    Spectators can enjoy first-rate skills and high-level plays of the world's top ranked golfers.


    Although golf is generally known as a gentleman's game, having its origins in Britain, there are various opinions about its origins, all over the world, and no opinion is accepted as the truth. However, regardless of many opinions about the origins, there is no doubt that golf developed as a modern sport in Britain.
    After golf appeared at the Paris 1900 and the Saint Louis 1904 Olympic Games, it had disappeared from the Olympic programmes for a long time. After a 112-year absence, golf returns at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.


    (IOC Announcement, June9, 2017)

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