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  • Overview

    Competitors shoot at a target with a “rifle ” or “pistol ” firearm and compete by score.

    shooting view 2014 IPC Shooting World Cup Stoke Mandeville, Great Britain AIR RIFLE PRONE SH2

    2014 IPC Shooting World Cup Stoke Mandeville,
    Great Britain

    The competition is divided into several events based on the type of firearm (airgun or rifle), the distance to the target (10m, 25m or 50m), and the shooting position (standing or prone). Competitors in wheelchairs shoot from their wheelchair in standing events, and shoot with their elbow placed on a shooting table in prone events. Shooters are classified into either of the following categories according to their status of impairment: SH1 (competitors who are able to support the firearm with their own arms); or SH2 (shooters requiring a regulation stand to support their firearm).

    Each shot is worth a maximum of 10 points. To achieve the maximum score, air rifle shooters must hit the centre of the target, which is only 0.5mm in diameter. The further the shot is from the centre, the lower the score. If a shooter misses the target, the score is zero.


    Shooting as a sport is believed to have originated in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries with the advancement of firearms, and it has achieved worldwide popularity over time.

    The sport has been in the Paralympic programme since the Toronto 1976 Paralympic Games.


    Sports Event

    R1 - 10m Air Rifle StandingSH1
    R7 - 50m Rifle 3 Positions SH1
    P1 - 10m Air PistolSH1
    R2 - 10m Air Rifle StandingSH1
    R8 - 50m Rifle 3 Positions SH1
    P2 - 10m Air PistolSH1
    R3 - 10m Air Rifle Prone SH1
    R4 - 10m Air Rifle Standing SH2
    R5 - 10m Air Rifle Prone SH2
    R6 - 50m Rifle Prone SH1
    R9 - 50m Rifle Prone SH2
    P3 - 25m Pistol SH1
    P4 - 50m Pistol SH1
    Eligible impairment
    • Limb deficiency (impairment of lower limb function)

    (Updated on April 10, 2019)