Sitting Volleyball

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    Sitting volleyball is a form of volleyball played by two teams of six players, who remain seated with the bottoms on the floor.

    playing view(Elblag Cup 2015)

    Elblag Cup 2015

    The ball used is the same as that for standing volleyball. The major differences are a smaller court and a lower net, allowing the players to remain seated while playing. Players must always keep their bottoms on the floor when serving, spiking, or blocking. Only when receiving the ball can they lift their bottoms off the floor momentarily.

    Each match is played to the best-of-five sets. The first four sets go to 25 points while the fifth set goes to 15. (* In the case of a deuce, the winner is the first team to win two sequential points.)


    Sitting volleyball was invented in 1956 as a tool for the rehabilitation of injured war veterans and others. The first competitive match was played in the Netherlands in 1957. At the Arnhem 1980 Paralympic Games, the sport made its debut for men only, and it was not until the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games that the women's competition was added to the Paralympic Games.


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