[Competition venue: Ariake Arena, Shiokaze Park]

  • Volleyball

    Beach volleyball

    Court: 18m long x 9m wide
    Net height: 2.43m (men's), 2.24m (women's)
    In volleyball, two teams of six players each hit the ball back and forth over the net without equipment.

    Beach volleyball
    Court: 16m long x 8m wide
    Net height: 2.43m (men's), 2.24m (women's)
    Beach volleyball is played on a beach. Two teams of two players each hit the ball back and forth over the net without equipment.

    Key Points

    The main feature of volleyball is the sequence of rapid actions of the team members in serving, receiving, tossing and attacking. Winning is determined by ball control techniques and well-organised team play.
    Beach volleyball is a very different event from regular volleyball, played on sand under irregular sand and wind conditions. To cover the wide area of the court, the two players on each team display great athleticism.


    Volleyball was invented in the US in 1895. The sport, however, gained popularity in countries other than the US.
    Volleyball made its Olympic debut at the Tokyo 1964 Games. The Japanese women's team, dubbed the "Witches of the Orient," won the gold medal at these Games, attracting global attention.
    Beach volleyball is a newer volleyball event that achieved worldwide popularity after the 1980s. It has been included among official Games sports since the Atlanta Games in 1996.


    (IOC Announcement, June9, 2017)

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