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    Archery is a competitive sport in which archers shoot arrows at a target. The scores differ depending on each arrow point on the target. Paralympic archers compete in three classes according to the type and extent of their disability: W1 (for archers with impairment in both upper and lower limbs who compete while seated in a wheelchair), W2 (for archers with impairment in lower limbs who compete while seated in a wheelchair), and ST (for archers who compete while standing or while seated in a chair). The event is divided into three categories—recurve open, compound open, and W1 open—with men's, women's, and mixed variants of each, for a total of nine separate competitions.

    Japan Para Championships: Archery(2013)

    Japan Para Championships: Archery(2013)

    Paralympic archers use two types of bow: a standard recurve bow and a compound bow that incorporates pulleys so that archers who do not have sufficient strength to pull the bow back can shoot faster and further.


    Bows and arrows have been used since ancient times for hunting and fighting. It is believed that these tools began to be widely used for sporting purposes around the year 1600. In the 1940s, archery became recognised as a para-sport, originally serving as a form of rehabilitation for war veterans inured in World War II.

    Archery has been an official sport since the first Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960.


    Sports Event

    Individual W1
    Individual Compound
    Individual Recurve
    Individual W1
    Individual Compound
    Individual Recurve
    Team W1
    Team Compound
    Team Recurve
    Eligible impairment

    Limb deficiency (impairment of upper and/or lower limb function)

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