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    Rowing is a sport in which one or multiple athletes row a boat. Rowers compete in different disciplines according to the extent of their impairment. The classifications for rowing are as follows: 「PR1(ex AS)」:rowers using the arms and/or shoulders, incapable of walking, in a wheelchair; 「PR2(ex TA)」:rowers using the trunk and arms, lower limb amputees, athletes with cerebral palsy; and 「PR3(ex LTA」:rowers using one leg, trunk and arms; athletes with impairment in upper and/or lower limb function; athletes with cerebral palsy; visually impaired athletes.

    (Left) Men's Single Sculls: Lower Limb (Wheelchair)
(Right) Mixed Double Sculls: Lower Limb (Loss)

    (Left) Men's Single Sculls: Lower Limb (Wheelchair)
    (Right) Mixed Double Sculls: Lower Limb (Loss)

    Each class includes four events of three disciplines: Mixed Coxed Fours, which are competed by teams (crew) made up of two male and two female rowers, each having one oar, and one cox in charge of navigation and steering; Mixed Double Sculls, which are competed by pairs of one male and one female, each having two oars, one in each hand; and Single Sculls for men and women having two oars, one in each hand.

    Races are held on a straight six lane buoyed course of 2000m in length. In a race, all teams begin rowing at the same time under starter's orders to be ranked in order of their finish. A team is considered to have finished their race when the first part of the boat crosses the finish line.


    Rowing has been an official sport since the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. Although Rowing has only a short history, Japan sent teams to the Beijing, London and Rio Paralympic Games consecutively.


    Sports Event

    PR1M1x PR1W1x
    Eligible impairment
    • Limb deficiency (impairment of upper and/or lower limb function)
    • Visual impairment

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