Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay Overview

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay will start from the J-Village National Training Center in Fukushima Prefecture on Thursday 25 March 2021, and visit every corner of Japan, including areas that suffered damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake. Ten years have passed since the disaster, and one of the goals of the Olympic torch relay is to encourage people nationwide with hope for future.

The concept of the torch relay, “Hope Lights Our Way,” is inspired by the desire to show the world our commitment to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic so that we may go on to hold the Tokyo 2020 Games as a symbol of the spirit of resilience, the unity and the solidarity of humankind.

For further information on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay, please visit the Tokyo 2020 Official Website.

New Schedule of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay in Tokyo

  • Friday 9 July – Friday 23 July 2021

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay in Tokyo: Host municipalities and Celebration venues

DateMunicipalitiesCelebration venues
Day 1 Fri 9 July Setagaya⇒ Komae⇒ Inagi⇒ Machida Machidashibahiro (Machida-shi)
Day 2 Sat 10 July Tama⇒ Hino⇒ Akishima⇒ Hachioji Fujimori Park (Hachioji-shi)
Day 3 Sun 11 July Hinohara⇒ Okutama⇒ Hinode⇒ Ome⇒ Mizuho Mizuho View Park Stadium (Mizuho-machi)
Day 4 Mon 12 July Hamura⇒ Akiruno⇒ Fussa⇒ Musashimurayama⇒ Tachikawa TACHIKAWA STAGE GARDEN (Tachikawa-shi)
Day 5 Tue 13 July Kunitachi⇒ Kokubunji⇒ Kodaira⇒ Higashiyamato⇒ Higashimurayama National Sanatorium Tama Zenshoen (Higashimurayma-shi)
Day 6 Wed 14 July Kiyose⇒ Higashikurume⇒ Nishitokyo⇒ Koganei⇒ Fuchu Tokyo Racecourse (Fuchu-shi)
Day 7 Thu 15 July Chofu⇒ Miyake⇒ Kozushima⇒ Niijima(Niijima, Shikinejima)⇒ Toshima⇒Oshima Nakanohara Park (Oshima-machi)
Day 8 Fri 16 July Mikurajima⇒ Hachijo⇒ Aogashima⇒ Ogasawara (Chichijima, Hahajima)⇒ Mitaka⇒ Musashino Musashino Athletic Stadium (Musashino-shi)
Day 9 Sat 17 July Suginami⇒ Nakano⇒ Nerima Nerima Sports Ground Park (Nerima-ku)
Day 10 Sun 18 July Toshima⇒ Itabashi⇒ Kita⇒ Adachi Central Wholesale Market Adachi Market (Adachi-ku)
Day 11 Mon 19 July Katsushika⇒ Edogawa⇒ Sumida⇒ Arakawa Minamisenju Baseball Ground (Arakawa-ku)
Day 12 Tue 20 July Taito⇒ Bunkyo⇒ Chiyoda⇒ Chuo Hamacho Park (Chuo-ku)
Day 13 Wed 21 July Koto⇒ Ota⇒ Shinagawa Shinagawa Central Park (West Side) (Shinagawa-ku)
Day 14 Thu 22 July Meguro⇒ Shibuya⇒ Minato Shiba Park (Minato-ku)
Day 15 Fri 23 July Shinjuku ---

*The above schedule is subject to change.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torchbearers in Tokyo

The torchbearers selected before the postponement will take preference. If there are any withdrawals, however, we will review detailed scheduling and make adjustments.