Building the Legacy

「TOKYO2020 Memories Leading to the Future」

Tokyo 2020 Games of the Olympic and Paralympic have been successfully delivered in safe and secure, even under the unprecedented worldwide crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic, with sophisticated operation and thorough infection prevention measures as well as generous supports from all the stakeholders. Tokyo Metropolitan Government now faces a new phase to integrate and develop the legacy generated through the Games in order to facilitate our steps to achieve the ‘Future Tokyo.’ Commemorating the actions leading up to the Games with the memories of athletes who devoted everything they have to compete and their supporters, we have created " TOKYO2020 Memories Leading to the Future " to share what the Games provided to Tokyo as the host city and integrate the achievements to the development of the city.  The document introduces the major efforts and achievements of 9 categories such as "Safe and secure Games" and "Road map to sustainable society".



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Infographics: Building the Legacy - Beyond 2020-

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1.Safety And Security

2.Urban Development

3.Sports And Health

4.Participation And Cooperation

5.Culture And Tourism

6.Education And Diversity

7.Environment And Sustainability

8. Economy・Technology

9. Support for Disaster Recovery

Building the Legacy - Beyond 2020-

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government promote initiatives that focus on the Tokyo 2020 Games legacy to use the Tokyo 2020 Games as a catalyst to further cultivate Tokyo as a mature city.

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a yearlong postponementof the Games, but the city has worked hard to make the most of this invaluable“Plus One” opportunity to host an event that is safe and secure.

In order to tell in an easy-to-understand manner the legacy created by multifaceted efforts in both tangible and intangible in preparation for the Games,we have released a booklet called “Building the Legacy - Beyond 2020-”

  • Legacy: It is the social, economic and cultural benefits of holding the Olympic and Paralympic Games that the host city and host country can inherit and enjoy for many years.

Building the Legacy - Beyond 2020-(Published July 2021)

Building the legacy-Beyond 2020-(Published July 2021)

Après les Jeux, leur héritage-Au-delà de 2020-(Imprimé en July 2021)

Towards 2020 - Building the Legacy -(Reprinted edition, published December 2018)

Towards 2020 - Building the Legacy --(English, Reprinted edition, published December 2018)

Actions de Tokyo pour 2020 - Apres les Jeux, leur heritage -(Français, Edition réimprimée, imprimé en Octobre 2018)

Towards 2020 - Building the Legacy -(English, published in 2016)

Towards 2020-Building the Legacy-

Legacy Reporting Framework

The Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, has released the "Case study" of the "Legacy Reporting Framework" with the aim of "understanding the benefits of the Games to the host city."

Case Study(published July 2021)

It is summarized in 24 items about initiatives that focus on the Tokyo 2020 Games legacy.
You can see it from the link below.

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2020 and Beyond, Thank you to the World

* As of July 8, 2021

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