The facility management plan for new permanent venues

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) established an advisory council made up of outside experts and others. And,while hearing the views of a broad range of stakeholders including private businesses, sports organizations and local governments, the TMG has advanced the examination of policies for the post-Games use of new permanent venues. This facility management plan (FMP) is a compilation of the outcomes of such discussions held to date, and will serve as the guidelines for facility management after the Games.
*Six new permanent venues: Olympic Aquatics Centre, Sea Forest Waterway, Ariake Arena, Canoe Slalom Course, Seaside Park Hockey Stadium, and Dream Island Archery Field (Yumenoshima Park) (All venue names are tentative.)

The facility management plan

1.Overview(Published on April 19, 2017)[英語訳(English)]
2.Full outline(Published on April 19, 2017)[英語訳(English)]
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[Error] Average of 2700 spectators per event
[Correction] Average of 2700 spectators, etc. per day with competitions