Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Handbook

On 30 March 2020, the Tokyo 2020 Games were postponed to the next year 2021 due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Please note that the information in this handbook, including dates and schedules, are still based on the initial Games dates.
Due to the postponement of the Games and in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, certain events have been cancelled and some Tokyo Metropolitan sports facilities have been closed. For this reason, this handbook is currently not being distributed (as of May 2020).

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Handbook

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Handbook has been released to help people learn more about the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and to encourage people to enjoy watching the events at the Games venues.
In addition to helping you learn more about the appeal of the Games and the sport events, the handbook is in a ring-bound notebook format, allowing you add further information, as well as to enjoy creating you own record of the competitors and your experiences watching the Games. The handbook is sure to help you save precious memories of the Tokyo 2020 Games after they end.
The handbook was distributed to participants in the “NO LIMITS CHALLENGE”, the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics experience programme, among others. Events are currently not being held due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Please download the handbook online.

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Theme 1: About the Paralympic Games
1_1_Theme 1 About the Paralympic Games, page 1.1.pdf
1_2_The value, significance and features of the Paralympic Games, page 1.2 .pdf
1_4_Overview of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, page 1.4.pdf
1_6_Paralympic sports and competition schedule, page 1.6.pdf
1_12_Ticket information, page 1.12.pdf

Theme 2: Things to know about Paralympic sports
2_2_Archery, page 2.2 .pdf
2_4_Athletics, page 2.4.pdf
2_6_Badminton, page 2.6 .pdf
2_8_Boccia, page 2.8 .pdf
2_10_Canoe, page 2.10 .pdf
2_12_Cycling, page 2.12 .pdf
2_14_Equestrian, page 2.14 .pdf
2_16_Football 5-a-side, page 2.16 .pdf
2_18_Goalball, page 2.18 .pdf
2_20_Judo, page 2.20 .pdf
2_22_Powerlifting, page 2.22 .pdf
2_24_Rowing, page 2.24.pdf
2_26_Shooting, page 2.26 .pdf
2_28_Sitting Volleyball, page 2.28.pdf
2_30_Swimming, page 2.30 .pdf
2_32_Table Tennis, page 2.32 .pdf
2_34_Taekwondo, page 2.34 .pdf
2_36_Triathlon,page 2.36.pdf
2_38_Wheelchair Basketball, page 2.38 .pdf
2_40_Wheelchair Fencing, page 2.40 .pdf
2_42_Wheelchair Rugby, page 2.42.pdf
2_44_Wheelchair Tennis, page 2.44.pdf

Theme 3: Let's keep a record
3_1_Theme 3 Let's keep a record, page 3.1.pdf
3_2_Match record, page 3.2 .pdf
3_6_Event record, page 3.6.pdf
3_8_Athlete record, page 3.8 .pdf
3_12_Notes, page 3.12.pdf


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