Nippon Budokan

Nippon Budokan

Sports: Judo, Karate

Sports: Judo


The Nippon Budokan is known as the spiritual home of Japanese martial arts - especially judo.
At the 1964 Games, judo made its debut as an Olympic sport, with competitions being held here. This 1964 Olympic legacy venue has a beautifully-streamlined large roof that resembles Mt. Fuji.
It serves as an important venue not only for Japanese martial arts but also for various national, educational, and large-scale commercial events such as concerts.


  1. 5-min walk from No.2 Exit of Kudanshita Sta. on Subway Tozai Line (T07), Subway Hanzomon Line (Z06) or Subway Shinjuku Line (S05).

Note: It is strongly recommended that you use public transportation, as other means of transportation to the venue tend to be crowded.


2-3 Kianomaru-koen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo