Equestrian Park

Equestrian Park

Sports: Equestrian(Dressage, Eventing [Excluding Cross-country], Jumping)
Sports: Equestrian


This 1964 Olympic legacy venue hosted the Equestrian competitions at the Tokyo 1964 Games. Established in 1940, the park currently serves as a main centre for the promotion of horse riding and equestrian competitions. This park site spans over 18ha which is 4 times as large as the Tokyo Dome site. Various seasonal flowers and greenery can be viewed here throughout the year, providing a relaxing space for Tokyo residents.


  1. By Train: 15-min walk from Sakura-shimmachi Sta. (DT05) on Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line.
  2. By Train: 20-min walk from Kyodo Sta. (OH10) on Odakyu Line.
  3. By Bus: Take a Tokyu bus (Shibu23 or Shibu24) from [Shibuya Sta.], get off at [Nodai Mae] and walk 3-min.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you use public transportation, as other means of transportation to the venue tend to be crowded.


2-1-1, Kamiyoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo